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Jack and Barbara

We waited a long time to build a house. We have always lived in houses other people built, and our dream was to put up a timber frame home in the woods on a mountain in Vermont. We had a huge collection of ideas we gathered from books and magazines, and with input from the whole family our architect, friend, and neighbor David Howard distilled those ideas and dreams into a beautiful set of drawings.

David brought us to Perkins Smith through his friendship with John's parents. After our first meeting with Laurie and John, we had no doubt they were the ones we wanted to take on the project. They really listened to us and understood what we wanted. They shared our sense of aesthetics, which was so important because we were not able to be on site every day during the building process. We had to trust what they were doing, and they never disappointed us.

They are both perfectionists, which was reflected in their work, their crew, and the subcontractors they chose. Their weekly accounting of the budget was thorough and gave us a running account of exactly where we stood from a budgetary perspective, which we found helpful in keeping a handle on what was happening on the project.

And the finished product? A look at the pictures will show why we never questioned our decision to choose Perkins Smith. Our mountain home is a wonderful gathering place for friends and family, and the beauty of the structure continues to delight us.

Bruce and Colleen

Colleen and I are thrilled with the outcome of the work on our house that you did. You took a 164 year old structure that needed a lot of straightening out, leveling and insulating, and made it right and tight. I was very involved with this process, from the demolition through the painting phases, so I was able to see first-hand how well your crew worked as a team to get the job done. I've also enjoyed working with you all.

The coordination of every phase was handled extremely well. Each problem that arose was handled with the utmost professionalism and in a timely manner. We couldn't imagine anyone else doing a better job at restoring an old house to one that fits our modern needs while still retaining its historic character. We especially enjoy being able to reuse some of the doors, windows and other features from the old house - they've been restored beautifully and fit in well. You kept to the schedule and kept us informed of changes and problems as they arose, so that we had few surprises. We're really excited about moving back in.

We will certainly recommend you to anyone we know that needs to have an old house restored or renovated.

Sandy and Susan

Laurie understood what we were trying to accomplish in our project. His design ideas worked well with what we had in mind.

John, Laurie and their entire crew were easy to work with. They showed up every day and were responsive to any of our concerns as we got deeper into the project. Their follow up after the project was over was exceptional. There are always details to attend to after you thought you were finished.


I am forever grateful to both of you for your help and patience! The house is charming and cozy.

Jonathan and Angie

Thanks for all your great work! We have been absolutely delighted with the work, advice and care the Perkins Smith team has provided us. We love our house. We are saving up to have more work done.

Mike and Kate

Thank you so much for completing our basement – it looks great! We really appreciated your professionalism, friendliness and punctuality – and that applies to all the people on your team. We hope to work with you again.

David, Architect

I have done 600 houses in 40 states and I can count on my fingers then number of times when the client, the designer and the builder collaborated so successfully. This team met all of the client's needs and desires. These guys are great to work with.

Jep and Ingrid

After our house burned down, we entrusted Perkins Smith with the task of designing and rebuilding our new home. We had a good idea of what we wanted and Laurie and John worked with us on the design and nailed it. The final product was exactly what we had dreamed of. The building was of the utmost quality and our expectations were completely fulfilled. We found the Perkins Smith team to be professional, diligent and compassionate to our wants and needs. We would not hesitate for a moment to work with then again.


You are the most visionary builders I know.

David and Jane

We have done ten residential and commercial remodels over the past twenty years. We really enjoyed working with John and Laurie and the PSI crew on a major home remodel and a small commercial building. Perkins Smith rebuilt our dysfunctional 1980s house and transformed it into a beautiful, well-designed, energy efficient home. They welcomed our input and our group brainstorming helped create a better end result. Looking back, there is nothing we would have done differently. The Perkins Smith crew and subs were clean, kind, courteous and fun to be around for the whole family. John and Laurie were “hands on”, which did away with the layers of management that in past projects sometimes caused communication problems and extra cost. They enjoy their work and take pride in all aspects of it. The results speak for themselves.